Quote of the Day

“Why are you letting Palin have the profile?  Why are you letting her go on your network and say the things she’s saying?  And Glenn Beck?  These are alternative people who will never be elected and they’ll kill us.”

Karl Rove to Roger Ailes, according to Gabe Sherman’s new biography of Ailes, The Loudest Voice in the Room

Love that phrase “alternative people.”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Glenn Beck is planning to build a $2 billion Libertarian residential community in Texas called Independence Park.  It will produce its own food and energy and do TV and film production.

Also, fake historian David Barton will create a “national archive” where children can be “deprogrammed.”

I think we know how this ends — a long line of folks waiting for their cup of Kool-Aid.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be inside Glenn Beck’s head?



Thomas Jefferson Can Stop Rolling

Evangelical minister and conservative/Tea Party activist David Barton is also a pseudo-historian who writes awful books that make real historians laugh hysterically and cry helplessly.  Glenn Beck is a huge fan of his, which probably tells you all you need to know about the degree of truth in Barton’s ouevre.

Anyway, Barton’s latest piece of crap, The Jefferson Lies, is so full of Barton Lies that his publisher, Thomas Nelson, has recalled the thing.

A small victory for truth and justice today.

Whose Side Is Bill Kristol On?

Instead of worrying about whether Huma Abedin secretly supports the Muslim Brotherhood, maybe the GOP should start considering whether Bill Kristol is a secret Dem, out to sabotage their election chances.

From  “GOP again turns to Bill Kristol ball,” Dylan Byers, Politico:

“Once again, Bill Kristol gets his way — and once again, watch out.

“For two consecutive presidential cycles now, the founding editor of the Weekly Standard has successfully led the conservative media drumbeat for a bold vice presidential pick: In 2008, he fervently supported and promoted Sarah Palin for months before the country even knew her name. In 2012, he urged Mitt Romney to ‘go for the gold’ with Paul Ryan.

“Kristol’s support for Palin was longstanding as well.  Indeed, in June 2008 he announced on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that ‘McCain’s going to put Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, on the ticket’ — two months before McCain did just that.  Using the same language he would use to encourage Romney four years later, Kristol told Fox host Chris Wallace that McCain should, ‘Go for the gold here with Sarah Palin.'”

Kristol seems unable to distinguish gold from lead.  Maybe Glenn Beck could help him.

Here We Go Again

Another twisted bastard, 24-year-old James Eagan Holmes, massacred a bunch of people he didn’t know this morning, people enjoying the new Batman movie at a midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado, just 17 miles from where the Columbine shootings happened in 1999, although to me Columbine seems like yesterday.

As of now, there are 12 dead and 59 wounded, some of them children.

I’m assuming this insane guy lived in his own little world and wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to Obama and Mitt, but I’m also assuming Rush and Glenn Beck and the Micheles (Bachmann and Malkin) and all the whack jobs will somehow concoct a theory tying the Bane character in the movie to Bain and somehow making this senseless shooting all Obama’s fault.