Hoping Herring Isn’t Fishy

Democrat Mark Herring has been named the winner of Virginia’s race for attorney general — by a whopping 165 votes out of more than two million cast.

But far-right nut job Mark Obenshain can request a recount.  As a state legislator, he introduced a bill requiring women to report miscarriages to their local police or face a year in jail.

UPDATE — Obenshain has requested a recount.

Quote of the Day

“How could a president whose signature achievements include the health-care law and two brilliantly tech-centric presidential campaigns screw this up so badly? How could he say even as late as September 26that the site would work ‘the same way you shop for a TV on Amazon’? How could he repeatedly make the false promise that all Americans could keep their insurance plans, and then take so long to recognize that he was wrong and mobilize to correct it? This is hardly Kathleen Sebelius’s fault. It is Barack Obama’s fault — a failure of management for sure, and possibly one of character. There is something rotten in the inner-management cocoon of the White House, and if the president doesn’t move to correct it, his situation will truly be hopeless for the rest of this term.”

Frank Rich (yes, Frank Rich) at New York Magazine

Question for Sen. Landrieu

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), facing a tough re-election fight next year, is sponsoring a bill in the Senate that wouldn’t just allow health insurance companies to renew the policies being cancelled, but would require them to do so.

About 92,000 Louisianans are expected to face cancelled policies.

Okay, so she’s just outraged about those people.  But why isn’t she outraged about the 400,000 Louisianans who won’t get Medicaid next year because her state has refused the expansion.

If You Like Your Plan…

You really can keep it (for another year, if your insurance company agrees).

The Prez just announced that insurance companies can (but don’t have to) extend plans in the individual and small-group markets even if they don’t meet the criteria for Obamacare.

Insurers must tell their customers what benefits these plans lack and that they have more alternatives in the Obamacare exchanges, including subsidies for many.  Some people are about to discover their plans don’t cover things like, oh, hospitalization.

So the WH is basically shoveling some of the poop it is thigh-high in and dumping it on insurance companies and state insurance commissioners to deal with.  After all, many of these policies no longer exist and it’s no small task to re-create them.

The legal authority for this?  The Prez is using his “enforcement discretion.”  Yes, they just made that up.


We Knew This Would Happen

So three 20-year-olds (of course) in San Francisco (of course) have come up with a website, HealthSherpa.com, that does what HealthCare.gov is supposed to do.

Just go to HealthSherpa, type in your zip code, and all your health insurance choices will appear.  There’s a button to click if you find a plan you want to buy.

Thanks to Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulus, and Michael Wasser, who should get a dinner at the WH and a ticker-tape parade in NYC.  USA! USA!

Quote of the Day

“So I wasn’t surprised to learn about the whisper campaigns, insinuations and push-polls some of the people opposed to my candidacy have been using to raise questions about my personal life. They want people to question whether I am gay. 

Allow me to save them the trouble with a simple, honest answer: ‘Yes, I am. But why should it matter?’”

Mike Michaud, Dem candidate for governor of Maine


North Colorado?

Five of Colorado’s 11 counties voted to secede yesterday over gun rights and oil and gas policy.  Now all they have to do is get the Colorado legislature and the U. S. Congress to approve their secession, which I’m sure will be a piece of cake, probably done by the end of the week.  The Dems would love to give these folks two senators and help make the Senate as crazy as the House.

But have they stopped to think how tough it is to arrange 51 stars on the flag?