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  1. marcjan says:

    What are you doing now?

  2. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Keep up the great work!

  3. momshieb says:

    In all the time that I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying your work, I have never checked this “About” page before now! YOU were a Republican? Whoah….Can you say how/why you have changed?
    Or who you worked for?

    • I became a Republican after 9/11. I’d rather not say who I worked for, and I still think he’s a good guy. I’ve changed because I think the crazies have taken over the GOP on just about everything, and I think Obama has done a great job on fighting terror/national security. I’m one of the few people (polls say 4%) who vote on foreign policy/defense stuff. But all the insanity over contraception/abortion rights has made those issues very important to me again. I’ve always been with the Dems on social issues. I also hate how the GOP has blocked needed stimulus spending because I’m very much a Keynesian. Basically, the party has moved too far right for me.
      Sorry to shock you like that!

      • momshieb says:

        No, no! I truly believe that well meaning people need to be able to talk, share ideas and be civil to each other. I am always happy to learn from people who know more than I do (that’s easy!). I am so incredibly sad about how those in the driver’s seat, and the crazies who control them, have us all at each other’s throats. Personally, I am a long time Socialist, so it goes to show you that labels don’t define the person!

      • I guess at this point I am a Dem-leaning Independent. I doubt the GOP will ever get me back.

      • Thanks, they probably don’t see it that way.

  4. Hey, my name is Frank. I’m a 23 year old conservative acting student. Weird, right? I really enjoy your blog. It’s interesting and informative. I just started writing about politics and I would love it if you would take a look at my columns (I have been posting every week) and give some feedback, follow or even spread the word. I just posted a column about the Chicago teacher strike called “The Chicago Teacher Syndicate”. Franklypolitics.wordpress.com
    Thans for your time!

    – Frank

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