Getting a Little Deep

So Kerry Kennedy, one of Bobby’s kids, got in trouble for driving while under the influence of Ambien.  Most people resolve these things quietly with the authorities, but, no, Kennedy had to take it to trial.

In his closing argument, Kennedy’s lawyer amazingly asked these rhetorical questions of the jury:  “Is this an honest person?  Or is this someone who has led a life of lying and cheating?”

Kerry Kennedy used to be Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, the wife of current NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and the mother of his three children.  But she lost the “Cuomo” a decade ago when she had an affair with also-married Bruce Colley, polo-playing heir to a McDonald’s franchise fortune.

So her lawyer really shouldn’t bring up lying and cheating.

1062 and All That

GOP Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has vetoed Senate Bill 1062, which would have make it okay for businesses to discriminate against gays based on the “religious beliefs” of their owners and employees.  No soup (or wedding cake) for you!

As with Medicaid expansion, I hope other GOP governors will follow Brewer and do the right thing for their citizens.

Also today, a federal court in Texas found that state’s ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.

Back when I was growing up, right-wingers who saw Communists everywhere in this country wanted those on the left to move to Russia.  I think those on the right who are unhappy here should move to Putin’s Russia.

Quote of the Day

“Ronan Farrow Daily debuted Monday on MSNBC, and while the host bravely projected enthusiasm right through to the end, it was clear from the start that something was really wrong. It was like seeing the neighbor’s cute kid pushed into a talent recital for which he was not quite prepared. A lot of people are clapping, but the audience support makes the spectacle onstage even worse.”

Tom McCarthy, The Guardian

Well, That Wasn’t Close

The Ukrainian Parliament voted 380 to 0 to oust President Viktor Yanukovych and hold a new presidential election on May 25.

Yanukovych has fled to Kharkov, near the border with Russia, and says he will not resign.  His rival, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was convicted on corruption charges in 2011, has been released from prison, and went to Kiev to address the protestors in Independence Square.

About 88 are believed to have died in the protests since Tuesday.

Peace in Ukraine?

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich signed an agreement with opposition leaders that requires presidential elections by December of this year, creates a coalition government, and gives more power to parliament by bringing back the constitution of 2004.

Is it enough for the protesters in Independence Square?  We shall see.

Oh, Buy a Clue, Kerry

“They [the Russians] are, in fact, enabling Assad to double down, which is creating an enormous problem.”

John Kerry, sounding surprised and dazed, on Syria

An enormous problem?  How about a shameful humanitarian crisis?  And did you really think Putin was going to be helpful?

The Syrian peace talks in Geneva are dead, as are about 150,000 Syrians, with many hundreds of thousands more either starving from living under siege at home or struggling in ragged refugee settlements in Turkey and Lebanon and Jordan.

So the U. S. is reviewing its options, but neither air strikes nor supplying heavy weapons to the rebels is even on the table.  In other words, no serious options.

Obama can tell himself Americans don’t have the stomach for another military involvement, but really he’s telling Putin he doesn’t have the guts.