Snowden to Venezuela?

It’s looking more and more unlikely that Edward Snowden will go to Ecuador, but Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is headed to Russia for a visit, and there are rumors that he may take Snowden back with him.

Snowden has been staying at hotels near the Moscow airport, he’s not stuck in a plastic seat in the transit area lounge.

Quote of the Day

“George Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin’s fate on Feb. 26, 2012, and now a jury will decide his. A jury that, by the way, is part of a justice system that is not supposed to exclusively serve the best educated and most articulate of our citizenry. So now would be a good time to point out that Jeantel’s weight, her nails, her sex, her color – these things have precisely jack to do with her account of what happened the night Travyon Martin died. Justice is supposed to serve teenagers too, and people who party and who don’t hide it when they’re angry or flustered, and women who can’t read cursive. It’s supposed to serve people whose dialogue wasn’t written for them by David E. Kelley. Remember that. Remember that Rachel Jeantel is not the one on trial.”

Mary Elizabeth Williams, “The smearing of Rachel Jeantel,” Salon

States’ Rights Are Back with a Vengeance

We think of the federal government as having gobbled up and pre-empted so much power at the expense of the state, but right now, when you look at abortion rights, voting rights, and gay marriage, the states are very much in control of whether or not we get to exercise our constitutional rights.  If you live in a GOP-controlled state, fuhgeddaboudit.

Senate Passes Immigration Bill

They didn’t get the 70 votes they’d hoped for, but in the end it was 68-32, with 14 Republicans voting for it, plus all 52 Dems and 2 Independents.

But John Boehner said today that he will invoke the Hastert rule (nothing gets to the House floor unless approved by a majority of the majority) on any immigration bill that might emerge from a Conference Committee.  It tough to imagine a bill that would get a majority of the crazy Republicans in the House also getting approved by the Senate and signed by the Prez.  Any Conference bill that could pass the Senate would have to pass the House with mostly Dems and a few R’s.