As Expected, They’re Not Getting It

I got this in an email from some Tea Party group:

“We’re disappointed in Governor Romney’s loss. But this goes to the heart of what we have been saying all along. Bob Dole didn’t win. John McCain didn’t win. And now Mitt Romney hasn’t won. The lesson the GOP and Americans need to learn is that weak-kneed Republicans do not get elected. Conservatives do.”

“The Tea Party has not yet begun to fight. It’s time for a wholesale reassessment of the D.C. establishment politicians and party grandees who have no commitment or courage to reduce the size of government. We now have another four years ahead of us with Barack Obama leading the charge against liberty.”

They’ll blame Mitt and Sandy and Christie, they’ll blame the media, they’ll do everything but look in the mirror.  It’s not about weak knees, it’s about addled brains.

Fine with me, move even farther to the right, you nut jobs, and keep losing.

A Prez Out of Practice

From “Obama pays price for ducking the questions,” Dana Milbank, WaPo:

“In the hours after the Republican challenger Mitt Romney embarrassed the incumbent in their first meeting, Obama loyalists expressed puzzlement that the incumbent had done badly. But Obama has only himself to blame, because he set himself up for Wednesday’s emperor-has-no-clothes moment. For the past four years, he has worked assiduously to avoid being questioned, maintaining a regal detachment from the media and other sources of dissent and skeptical inquiry.

Obama has set a modern record for refusal to be quizzed by the media, taking questions from reporters far less often than Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush.”  Emphasis added.

Mitt About to Get Some Media Love?

From “The Coming Romney Comeback Narrative,” Robert Wright, The Atlantic:

“If there’s one thing the media won’t tolerate for long, it’s an unchanging media narrative. So the current story of the presidential campaign — Obama sits on a lead that is modest but increasingly comfortable, thanks to a hapless Romney and a hapless Romney campaign — should be yielding any moment to something fresher. The essential property of the new narrative is that it inject new drama into the race, which means it has to be in some sense pro-Romney. This can in turn mean finding previously unappreciated assets in Romney or his campaign, previously undetected vulnerabilities in the Obama campaign, etc. The big question is whether the new narrative then becomes self-fulfilling, altering the focus of coverage in a way that actually increases Romney’s chances of a victory.”  Emphasis added.

Mitt Reaches Out to Conservative Media

Mitt and Ann Romney spent two hours meeting with conservative reporters, columnists, and bloggers in Washington on Wednesday at the private Capital Hill Club.  Oddly, the meeting with more than 60 writers, plus some who phoned in, from usual suspects like RedState, Powerline, Townhall, Daily Caller, National Review, Human Events, and American Spectator, was first reported by The Huffington Post rather than by any of the attendees.  RNC Chair Reince Preibus was also there.

One participant described the meeting as an “olive branch” to members of the right-wing media.

This was a smart move by Mittens to get his ducks in a row.  It never hurts to stroke some influential egos.