Headlines You Really Don’t Want to See

“Smallpox vials found in NIH storage closet,” WaPo

I was recently cleaning my closet and found a sweater I bought four years ago with the tags still on, which I thought was extremely careless of me.  Now I realize that there’s careless and then there’s OMG/WTF CARELESS.


Quote of the Day

“If you come from New England, the creeping certainty that you are a bad person is always with you.”

Sarah Payne Stuart, Perfectly Miserable

If you come from New England, you will love this book!

Quote of the Day 2

“The search for meaning will fill you with a sense of meaning.  Otherwise life passes by in about seven weeks, and if you are not paying attention and savoring it as it unfurls, you will wake up one day in deep regret.  It’s much better to wake up now in deep regret, desperate not to waste more of your life obsessing and striving for meaningless crap.  Because you will have finally awakened.”

Anne Lamott, Stitches