The Continuing Lies of Mitt Romney

From Mitt’s victory speech in Florida tonight:

“And, without raising taxes, I will finally balance the budget.”  Good luck with that.  Newt’s Moon colony is more likely to happen.

“President Obama demonizes and denigrates almost every sector of our economy.”  Because that’s just how those Kenyan Muslim Socialists are.


The Futility of Afghanistan

According to the Times of London, a highly classified report that our military prepared for top NATO officials concludes that the Taliban will take control of Afghanistan after we leave.

The report also confirms the strong ties between the Taliban and Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI.

Why stay in this tunnel until the end of 2014 when there’s no light at the end?  We should focus on using special forces and drones to go after Islamic terrorists and accept that the Afghans are going to continue to live in the 7th century.

What a Sneak That Mitt Is!

The prize for today’s most unsurprising headline goes to “Romney’s tax plan really does favor the rich,” by Roberton Williams in The Christian Science Monitor.

We know that Mitt has been running around saying that he wants to eliminate taxes on capital gains and dividends for households making less than $200,000.  So this sounds like a way to help families that aren’t super rich.

Except, according to this article, that the $200,000 threshold applies only to ordinary income, not to income from capital gains and dividends.  And who has $200,000 or more in annual capital gains and dividend income rather than salary or wages?  Very, very rich people.

So once again the deck is stacked against those who work for a living.

If Mitt is being deceptive now, does anyone think he’ll be honest once he’s sitting in the Oval Office?


The Wicked Witch of Wasilla Is Melting

Sarah Palin’s PAC had a dramatic decline in fundraising in the second half of 2011 compared to the first half, when there was a lot of speculation that she would run for president.  In the second half, she raised only $756,000, despite spending $326,000 on direct mail and Internet fundraising efforts.  That’s less than half what she raised in the first half of 2011, almost $1.7 million.

Overall, SarahPAC spent $1.2 million in the second half and reported having $1 million left.

May this trend continue.

She’s gotten some attention lately by backing Newt (although not donating to his campaign), but this horse’s ass is backing the wrong horse.

The Hispanic Vote in Florida

While Newt is perceived as having a less hard-line position on immigration than Mitt (another flip flop in his move to the right), it’s unlikely to help him among Hispanic voters in Florida, where the Hispanic community is largely Puerto Rican or Cuban rather than Mexican.

Puerto Ricans are already U. S. citizens, so it’s not an issue for them.  Cubans who get themselves onto U. S. soil are given refuge under the “wet foot dry foot” policy because of the Communist regime in Cuba.  There’s really no such thing as the “Hispanic vote,” since members of different Hispanic communities have different immigration statuses and perspectives.

Newt’s Tough Slog Ahead

From Politico*, on why it will be tough for Newt to persevere:

“Veterans of other insurgent campaigns — cause-driven enterprises helmed by charismatic, larger-than-life candidates — question whether Gingrich has what it takes to persist past the point where most practical political calculus points toward a Romney nomination.

Losing primaries, they say, is only part of it. At some stage, pressure from party leaders will become extreme. Crowds will thin out. Media coverage is likely to turn harshly skeptical or even mocking, if it doesn’t start to disappear altogether.

“’It is very difficult to stay in the race when it looks like the fat lady is about to sing or is singing,’ said conservative strategist Greg Mueller, who advised…Pat Buchanan. ‘If the conservative movement had rallied behind Gingrich, then there might be a stronger case for Gingrich to carry the conservative banner all the way to Tampa. But the fact is conservatives are splintered on a Gingrich candidacy.’”  Emphasis added.

* “Why Newt Won’t Quit,” by Alexander Burns