It’s the Time Constraints, Not the Phony Numbers

Asked about charges that the Romney/Ryan tax plan doesn’t add up, Paul Ryan told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today, “It would take me too long to go through all of the math.”

That’s because when your math is wrong, forever isn’t enough time to explain it.

Ryan and Romney are such a pair of slippery eels.  They really deserve each other, but we don’t deserve them.

Noonan Plays the Reagan Card, Beautifully

Peggy Noonan is considered one of the keepers of the Reagan flame, and that gives her great credibility with the GOP and conservatives.

Today, in the light of her harsh criticism of Mitt and his campaign, Fox News’ Chris Wallace questioned her conservative bona fides in an interview with Politico, telling them, “Some of the people you’ve mentioned, like Peggy Noonan, sometimes they’re New York City’s idea of conservatives.”

Asked to respond, Noonan emailed, “The column speaks for itself.  Can’t say more, on a conference call with the board of the Reagan Foundation.”

As Jon Stewart would say, “Boom!”

Whose Side Is Bill Kristol On?

Instead of worrying about whether Huma Abedin secretly supports the Muslim Brotherhood, maybe the GOP should start considering whether Bill Kristol is a secret Dem, out to sabotage their election chances.

From  “GOP again turns to Bill Kristol ball,” Dylan Byers, Politico:

“Once again, Bill Kristol gets his way — and once again, watch out.

“For two consecutive presidential cycles now, the founding editor of the Weekly Standard has successfully led the conservative media drumbeat for a bold vice presidential pick: In 2008, he fervently supported and promoted Sarah Palin for months before the country even knew her name. In 2012, he urged Mitt Romney to ‘go for the gold’ with Paul Ryan.

“Kristol’s support for Palin was longstanding as well.  Indeed, in June 2008 he announced on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that ‘McCain’s going to put Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, on the ticket’ — two months before McCain did just that.  Using the same language he would use to encourage Romney four years later, Kristol told Fox host Chris Wallace that McCain should, ‘Go for the gold here with Sarah Palin.'”

Kristol seems unable to distinguish gold from lead.  Maybe Glenn Beck could help him.

Try This at Home

Go to Google and print out a picture of Mitt from any of the GOP debates or from a national TV interview, like with Chris Wallace or Bret Baier.

Now print out a picture of Vladimir Putin.

Put them side by side.  I know, Mitt’s hair is better.

But look into their eyes.

Who would eat whom for breakfast?

The Pressure’s on Mitt

Mitt Romney is finally going on a Sunday talk show for the first time this election cycle.  He’ll do Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday on December 18.  You’d expect that to be the friendliest of the shows, but Joe Scarborough claims that Wallace can’t stand Mitt, and Fox in general seems to be leaning towards Newtie.

If true, it’s interesting about Wallace, given that he and Mitt are both where they are today because of their fathers.  You’d think there would be sympathy among those who share the bond of nepotism.

Mitt put this pressure on himself.  If he’d been doing these shows all along, like John McCain, this appearance wouldn’t have so much riding on it.  It probably wouldn’t attract as big an audience.  But having shied away from the spotlight for so long, Mitt now finds himself under a much bigger one.  He’d better be more chipper and gracious with Wallace than he was with Bret Baier.