Mitt Won’t Make a Good Comforter-in-Chief

I’m sorry, but there’s just something wrong with Mitt.  I watched his statement about Aurora and then President Obama’s.

The President looked and sounded like a normal human being reacting to the news.  But Mitt, although his statement wasn’t badly written,  had his usual weird Mitt affect, both his voice and his face were way off in terms of expressing appropriate emotion.  He could have been talking about the latest Bain quarterly report.

The President seemed to be speaking from his heart, while Mitt seemed to be going through the motions, saying what he thought he should, what “you people” expect, without genuinely feeling very much.

Every American should watch these two statements and listen to their gut reaction.

Here We Go Again

Another twisted bastard, 24-year-old James Eagan Holmes, massacred a bunch of people he didn’t know this morning, people enjoying the new Batman movie at a midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado, just 17 miles from where the Columbine shootings happened in 1999, although to me Columbine seems like yesterday.

As of now, there are 12 dead and 59 wounded, some of them children.

I’m assuming this insane guy lived in his own little world and wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to Obama and Mitt, but I’m also assuming Rush and Glenn Beck and the Micheles (Bachmann and Malkin) and all the whack jobs will somehow concoct a theory tying the Bane character in the movie to Bain and somehow making this senseless shooting all Obama’s fault.