Allred “October Surprise” Is About Stemberg Divorce, Mitt Financial Testimony

We know now for sure that Gloria Allred’s “October Surprise” is about the divorce between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen and the financial testimony that Mitt gave at the trial about the value of Staples.   Mitt was the primary investor in Staples and a venture capitalist who later helped take the company public.

Allred is representing Maureen Stemberg.

The Boston Globe is trying to unseal Mitt’s testimony and lift a gag order so that Maureen can talk about the case.

At a hearing this morning, Judge Jennifer Ulwick decided to give lawyers for both Tom Stemberg and Mitt more time to review the testimony Allred had produced.

There will be another hearing tomorrow.

So it looks as if my post from last night that this might be about whether Mitt undervalued the company to help his friend Tom is correct.

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