Allred “October Surprise” Is About Stemberg Divorce, Mitt Financial Testimony

We know now for sure that Gloria Allred’s “October Surprise” is about the divorce between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen and the financial testimony that Mitt gave at the trial about the value of Staples.   Mitt was the primary investor in Staples and a venture capitalist who later helped take the company public.

Allred is representing Maureen Stemberg.

The Boston Globe is trying to unseal Mitt’s testimony and lift a gag order so that Maureen can talk about the case.

At a hearing this morning, Judge Jennifer Ulwick decided to give lawyers for both Tom Stemberg and Mitt more time to review the testimony Allred had produced.

There will be another hearing tomorrow.

So it looks as if my post from last night that this might be about whether Mitt undervalued the company to help his friend Tom is correct.

Is Trump’s “October Surprise” About Divorce Papers?

The Daily Mail is reporting that the big Trump bombshell is that the Prez and Michelle filed divorce papers once upon a time.  Obviously, the divorce didn’t happen.

The Obamas have said that there were difficult times in their marriage.

Trump thinks this is going to change the race?

Allred Has MA Court Date Wednesday

With respect to that “October Surprise” about Mitt from Gloria Allred, Radar Online reports that Allred has an emergency hearing scheduled on Wednesday at Norfolk County Probate and Family Court in Canton, MA.

Allred will attempt to unseal sworn testimony from Mitt in a prior case and to lift a gag order so the parties can speak.  She represents one of the parties to that prior case.

HJ in MA, what are you hearing?

Does Mitt Have More in Common with Schwarzenegger than Political Party? is claiming that the dirt Gloria Allred supposedly has on Mitt involves one of his ex-maids.

Does that mean we’re talking Arnold Schwarzenegger behavior here?  Do they share another kind of “party” beyond the political?

Nothing like presidential campaigns in late October.

October Surprise?

Report: US sees Israeli strike on Iran in October

Will this election season’s “October Surprise” come from Israel?  From “Report:  US sees Israeli strike on Iran in October,” Ryan Jones, Israel Today:

“A senior and widely respected analyst with Israel’s Channel 2 News said in Friday’s pre-Shabbat newscast that top American officials have become convinced that Israel will launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities in October, just one month before the US presidential election.

Ehud Yaari had just returned from a trip to Washington, where he told viewers that he had met with “the people one needs to talk with about this matter,” and that “my impression is that the Americans are convinced that there is very high chance that Israel will decide to attack in Iran before the elections in the US.”

According to Yaari, American officials see an Israeli strike on Iran as almost a foregone conclusion, and are focusing on their response to the possible outcomes of such an action.”  Emphasis added.

If we are engaged in military operations related to such an attack close to the election, such as protecting the world’s oil supplies or defending Israel from retaliation, the Republicans will have to shut up and support the President.  And I just don’t see voters kicking him out under those circumstances.