Wendy Davis’ Divorce Decree

With all the right-wing accusations that Wendy Davis either gave up or lost custody of her children, how about if we look at the actual divorce decree from November 15, 2005?

First, only one daughter was involved.  Her older daughter, Amber, from her first marriage was no longer a minor.

The decree gave Wendy Davis and her ex-husband “joint managing conservatorship” for their daughter Dru, who was 17.  Texas got rid of the term custody in the mid-1990’s and switched to conservatorship.  Joint conservatorship is what most of us would think of as joint custody.

Do We Have an Hollande Problem Here?

The National Enquirer says that the Obamas’ marriage is basically over, and that Michelle found out that the Secret Service covered up two instances of his cheating on her.  They claim she was refusing to return to DC for her birthday party, but finally agreed.

I know, consider the source, but they were right about John Edwards, and we all know there was something really off about her not returning from Hawaii with the Prez and the girls after Christmas.  Their younger daughter, Sasha, always looks unhappy in public.  I think the older one, Malia, is better at putting on a public face.

Tony Blair Cause of Murdoch Divorce?

Much speculation that Rupert Murdoch’s divorcing of his wife Wendi is because she had an affair with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  Blair is godfather to the Murdochs’ older daughter, Grace.

Tony’s not helping.  His spokesman issued a Clintonian denial that they “are” having an affair.  Notice lack of “never had” an affair.

Is this the affair that so shocked David Cameron and was supposed to be a threat to his governing agenda?  I don’t see why it would affect Cameron’s government.

Update — Blair’s spokesman is now saying there was never an affair.

A Low Tolerance for Tacky

Many in the South Carolina GOP don’t care if Mark Sanford loses his House race — in fact they’d prefer it that way.  They felt he should have resigned as governor, if not over the lying and adultery, then over the ethics violations that resulted in a $74,000 fine, the largest in the state’s history.

From their perspective, if Sanford loses, he’s dead politically, and that means more to them than giving up the seat for the rest of the term to the Dem, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.  They don’t need the seat now because the GOP controls the House, and they figure they can take it back in 2014 with someone they like better than Mark Sanford.  Maybe Jenny Sanford…  The power of incumbency once Colbert Busch wins?  Meh…  You can ask Scott Brown about that.  It’s a solid GOP district — Mitt won it by almost 20 points.

Will conservatives flock to the polls to vote for Colbert Busch?  I doubt it.  They’ll just stay home.  They won’t make her win, they’ll let her win.

I knew Sanford’s hubris had gotten the better of him yet again when I saw his mistress up on stage with him the night of his primary victory.  I knew Jenny wouldn’t let that slide.  What I didn’t know at the time, and what really pissed off Jenny, was that Sanford brought two of his sons up on that stage who hadn’t met his mistress before.  Jenny Sanford has a very low tolerance for tacky.

Jenny Sanford could have kept her trespassing claim against Mark quiet till after the election.  He chose to flaunt his mistress, Jenny chose to flaunt his violations of their divorce decree.

Will Petraeus Lose Wife As Well As CIA Job?

The Daily Mail reports that David Petraeus’ wife Holly is threatening divorce over his admitted affair with Paula Broadwell.  The anonymously sourced story says that she is suspicious that he also had an affair with Jill Kelley, which he denies.

The article says that she “keeps demanding to know how many other women he has cheated on her with.”

They have been married since 1974 and have a son and daughter.

Mitt’s Testimony in Stemberg Case

As expected, Mitt’s unsealed testimony on behalf of Tom Stemberg, the co-founder of Staples, in a suit by his ex-wife Maureen to amend the financial settlement of their divorce, was that Maureen had gotten good prices when she sold Staples stock in 1988 for $2.25 a share and for $2.48 a share.

A year after those sales,  on April 28, 1989, Staples had an IPO at $19 a share and closed its first day at $22.50.

Mitt testified in 1991.

More on Gloria Allred Case and Mitt

Most of the coverage of this story has described it as about Mitt’s testimony in the divorce proceedings between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen.

Actually, Mitt testified in post-divorce proceedings, when Maureen tried to get her financial settlement amended.  The couple divorced in 1988, and Staples went public in 1989, at which time it was trading at ten times what she got in the divorce.

Gloria Allred, who now represents Maureen, produced three volumes of testimony involving Mitt, testimony that can now be made public.  She intends to pursue the denial of the motion to lift the gag order that prohibits Maureen from talking about the case.  Tick tock, people, it won’t matter if the order is lifted on November 7.

Mitt’s Bain Capital invested $2.5 million in Staples and got a $13 million profit when the company went public.

Mitt’s Testimony in the Stemberg Divorce Will Be Released

A Massachusetts court has ruled that Mitt’s testimony in the divorce case of Staples’ co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen can be released.

It appears that Mitt testified about the value of Staples at that time, before it went public, and that he may have knowingly undervalued the company to help his friend Tom and hurt Maureen.

The judge refused the request to life the gag order on Maureen, so she will still not be allowed to talk about the case.

So there may be a legal issue of whether Mitt perjured himself by testifying that Staples’ value was less than what he really believed it to be.

Aside from a legal issue, is the political issue of whether Mitt will be perceived by women voters to have hurt a woman — a very ill woman with lupus — by causing her to get less than she deserved in her divorce settlement.