Cart Before Horse

Talk about a parallel universe!  From “Mitt Romney’s transition efforts intensifying,” Anna Palmer, Politico:

Mitt Romney’s campaign may be struggling, but his transition operation is moving full steam ahead.

The GOP presidential candidate’s Washington team is intensifying its efforts, moving into official office space and holding meetings on Capitol Hill. The team has also begun reaching out to K Streeters and former Republican administration officials to get guidance on the Senate confirmation process and recommendations for jobs in a possible Romney White House.

Dubbed “The Readiness Project” inside Romneyworld, the effort began in earnest after the Republican National Convention and is not only focused on compiling a list of job candidates, but also designed to create a 200-day roadmap for congressional relations during the post-election lame duck session and beyond.

The transition is being led by former Bush Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, a former Utah governor and fellow Mormon who is expected to play a senior role in any Romney White House.

T-Paw Abandons Sinking Ship

Former Minnesorta Gov. Tim Pawlenty, one of Mitt’s national campaign co-chairs, has abandoned Mitt’s rapidly sinking ship and swum safely to  K Street, where he will make tons of $ as CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable.

They would have held the job open for another seven weeks if he’d had the slightest interest in staying on board the SS Romney.

Having run a disaster of a presidential campaign himself, T-Paw knows one when he sees one.

T-Paw’s hasty retreat is an embarrassment for Mittens.  Mitt’s been dealing with red flags, but this is an early white flag.

The Truth about the GOP

Brent Budowsky, over at The Hill‘s Pundits Blog, tells it like it is:

“Let’s be clear.  Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and Romney are not conviction politicians.  The are power politicians with deep insider financial backing, and deep crony-capitalist relations with Wall Street and K Street.  The people who run the party want the hostile takeover by Romney of the conservative movement to be done, over and complete.

“The Republicans…nominate the most insider candidates who do the best job of pretending to be conservative, just enough to humor and fend off the real conservatives.

“In the GOP, the insider, banking, Wall Street and K Street establishment is the boss.  Period.

“This process of an insincere Romney pretending he is farther to the right than he is, to humor the right that he will ultimately betray, has given Obama a huge advantage.

“To the political center, Romney looks too far to the right; to the political right, he looks too insincere; and to everyone else, he’s simply too elitist.”

I encourage you to head over to and read the whole thing.