Cart Before Horse

Talk about a parallel universe!  From “Mitt Romney’s transition efforts intensifying,” Anna Palmer, Politico:

Mitt Romney’s campaign may be struggling, but his transition operation is moving full steam ahead.

The GOP presidential candidate’s Washington team is intensifying its efforts, moving into official office space and holding meetings on Capitol Hill. The team has also begun reaching out to K Streeters and former Republican administration officials to get guidance on the Senate confirmation process and recommendations for jobs in a possible Romney White House.

Dubbed “The Readiness Project” inside Romneyworld, the effort began in earnest after the Republican National Convention and is not only focused on compiling a list of job candidates, but also designed to create a 200-day roadmap for congressional relations during the post-election lame duck session and beyond.

The transition is being led by former Bush Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, a former Utah governor and fellow Mormon who is expected to play a senior role in any Romney White House.

Big Love in the White House?

Mitt has appointed former Utah governor and fellow Mormon Mike Leavitt to head his transition.  There is also talk that if Mitt wins, Leavitt will become either White House Chief of Staff or Mitt’s version of senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

I’m troubled by the fact that when he was governor in 1998, Leavitt told a press conference that polygamy may be protected under the First Amendment (um, the Supreme Court disagrees) and that the people who engage in it are “good people.”  This was 1998, people, not 1898.

This is a hideous, and to me totally unacceptable, view of women as chattel, who belong in a harem, who exist to please men and bear children.

And these are the creepy people who try to portray Obama as The Other.  Give me a break, and give him a second term.