Dead Gov Walking

Chris Christie gave the first state-of-the-state speech of his second term today.  I predict it will also be his last.  He’ll be gone by this time next year.  Once you pull a thread in New Jersey politics, you know the whole damn thing will inevitably unravel.

And he actually said, “mistakes were clearly made.”   While you’re firing folks, Chris, fire your speechwriter.


One comment on “Dead Gov Walking

  1. danielfee says:

    I agree, I made the same prediction to my right-wing brother-in-law who doesn’t think this is big deal. The Republicans have been so busy trying to create fake Obama scandals that they cannot recognize a real one. The WSJ started to undermine Christie’s claims in his 2 hour press conference by publishing a photo of Chris and David Wildstein, his non-friend that he hasn’t seen or had contact with in a long time. Oops, that photo was from Sept 13 while the bridge lanes were closed.

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