Quote of the Day, Telling It Like It Is

The clamor you are hearing for Paul Ryan for VP is not about helping the Romney candidacy.  It’s about controlling the Romney campaign—and ultimately the Romney presidency. It’s about forcing a platform on Romney, and then dictating the agenda for that presidency’s first year. The platform happens to be suicidal, and the agenda impossible, but that does not matter to the Ryan advocates. They take the old Tammany Hall point of view: ‘Better to lose an agenda than lose control of the party.’ In that sense, the Ryan proposal is a test of Romney’s leadership. If he accedes, it’s a big surrender of control—and a surrender to many of those who most opposed (and who inwardly continue to dislike) his nomination.”  Emphasis added.

David Frum, GOP commentator and former Bush 43 staffer, who has been ostracized for not meeting the bat-shit crazy standard.

In his quest to win the Oval Office, Mitt is really fighting on two fronts — Obama of course, but also his own party.  I can’t even say the right-wing of his party, because really for now, they are the party.

I almost feel sorry for Mittens, who should be driving the GOP bus, but really is locked in a crate atop it.  That positive reference to Romneycare this week was Mitt having an unfortunate bout of diarrhea, and the GOP having to clean him up and put him back in his cage.

3 comments on “Quote of the Day, Telling It Like It Is

  1. harris jordan says:

    Is Seamus controlling all of this meshegas from Doggie Heaven as a “Revenge on the Nerd”?

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