Mitt Isn’t an Empty Suit, He Has No Clothes

I wrote earlier about Mitt’s message-less campaign.  He’s got an ad out criticizing President Obama for not visiting Israel in his first term (although Obama did as a presidential candidate).

Really?  Mitt thinks he’s going to win because Obama hasn’t returned to Israel since he became president?   Who is coming up with this stuff, and how can Mitt be buying it?

The GOP Saint Ronald Reagan never visited Israel during his two terms.  Bush 43 went only at the end of his second term.

Mittens, your advisers are like a hopeless group of Scrabble letters.  You need to dump them and pick new ones.


4 comments on “Mitt Isn’t an Empty Suit, He Has No Clothes

  1. For a man who made a career out of handing out pink slips, he sure is ignoring the advice of nearly every one on this decision.

    Maybe they have copies of his tax returns… : )

    • Typically, you don’t fire people. You just bring in better people above them. Then there’s all kinds of infighting and back-stabbing. Campaigns are hell. I was extremely lucky to be in an unusually nice one.

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    As an obsessive Scrabble player, I like the analogy. But in Scrabble, exchanging your letters offers a chance to improve ones moves. This team could only exchange for more blanks, which they’d quickly play as another lie.

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