Decision Time for Bachmann Supporters

Michele Bachmann’s supporters need to ask themselves not how they feel about her compared to Rick Perry, but how they feel about her compared to Mitt (“I’m Also Unemployed”) Romney.  To the extent they keep her in the race with donations and poll responses, they help Romney.

Perry gives Bachmann supporters everything they want policy and values-wise without her ditzy silliness and appalling ignorance.  He is credible presidential material, albeit still making the adjustment to the national stage, while she is not.  She isn’t even senatorial or gubernatorial material.

She doesn’t just help Romney, she helps Obama.  As long as she is in, she makes the Republican Party look like the air-head party.  Just having her on a debate stage drags the GOP down, as having Al Sharpton or Dennis Kucinich drags down the Dems.

So Bachmann people, the ball is in your court.  You won’t get her as the nominee — do you want Perry or Romney as your voice against Obama?

One comment on “Decision Time for Bachmann Supporters

  1. It won’t be Bachman, or Palin, or Perry, or Romney, or any GOP candidate.
    These people are all for less government except when it comes to peeking into our bedroom windows and going tsk, tsk if it’s a same sex couple, or if someone made an appointment for an abortion, or any number of philosophies they abhor like an espousal for the study of evolution.
    These idiots will not be tolerated by the vast majority of Americans. The democratic victory will be a landslide. The only concern I have is what democrat to vote for.

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