Do We Have an Hollande Problem Here?

The National Enquirer says that the Obamas’ marriage is basically over, and that Michelle found out that the Secret Service covered up two instances of his cheating on her.  They claim she was refusing to return to DC for her birthday party, but finally agreed.

I know, consider the source, but they were right about John Edwards, and we all know there was something really off about her not returning from Hawaii with the Prez and the girls after Christmas.  Their younger daughter, Sasha, always looks unhappy in public.  I think the older one, Malia, is better at putting on a public face.

Republican Joe Scarborough Admits Charlotte Beat Tampa

From “Conventional Warfare:  Why Democrats Won,” Joe Scarborough, Politico:

Which is why Republicans should be particularly glum this weekend. The further Democrats progressed into their convention this week in Charlotte, N.C., the more glaring the shortcomings of last week’s GOP convention became. By the time the last of the confetti fell on the Democratic convention floor, it became frustratingly clear that the most compelling speaker in Tampa, Fla., had been Clint Eastwood’s chair.Michelle Obama connected her family to the American Dream in a way neither campaign has managed all year. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro offered a joyous takedown of Mitt Romney while wearing a smile as wide as the West Texas sky. And Bill Clinton. Oh my. Convention speeches rarely reach that level.

If there was any letdown this week it was that Barack Obama’s speech sounded recycled at times and resembled a State of the Union address more than a soaring acceptance speech for president.

But while Obama said nothing new, he said it much better than when Gov. Romney said nothing in Tampa. And you could tell by the boisterous reaction of Democratic delegates who left the arena Thursday night looking fired up and ready to go. Maybe there seemed to be such a disparity between the two conventions because the Republican Party has never been the least bit excited about its nominee. Or maybe it’s because Democrats were simply blessed with a deeper bench of political athletes in 2012. But whatever the reason, Republicans were lapped by their rivals and may ultimately pay in November for botching Mitt Romney’s debut.

Emphasis added.


Newt: It’s All Media’s and Obama’s Fault

I really can’t stand any more of Newt’s false outrage and indignation.  Nothing is his fault, it’s the media’s fault, it’s even Obama‘s fault.  Here is part of Newt’s response at tonight’s debate to being asked about Mrs. Newtie #2’s appearance on Nightline tonight to talk about his affair with Mrs. Newtie #3:

“I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. … I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate. … I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans.”

For someone of such delicate sensibilities, why isn’t he appalled and astounded by his own narcissistic and reprehensible behavior?

What I don’t get is how this horrible man got three women to marry him.  I wouldn’t have been interested in a second date.

None of the Above

The Republican debates are supposed to help voters narrow the field and figure out which candidate they like best.  For me, with each debate, my response is more and more “none of the above.”  What a truly pathetic group they are and how painful it is to watch them.  My reactions to them and their responses are all negative — crazy, desperate, delusional, dumb, goofy, ignorant, phony, slick, sanctimonious, uninformed.  The GOP certainly has everything in its favor this cycle — except its candidates!

President Obama must be loving these debates because he wins every one of them.

Debate Skills a Must

Rick Perry concedes that he is a lousy debater and is focused on fighting back against Mitt Romney and Herman Cain through speeches and negative ads.  Even if this helps him get the nomination, then what?

Debates are a significant part of the general election campaign, especially for the swing/independent voters that you can’t win without.  Many of them use the debates to make up their minds, while those on the left and right watch them more as entertainment.  If the GOP doesn’t nominate someone who can debate well against President Obama, and Rick Perry isn’t that someone, they are making a huge unforced error.

Another Disappointment from President Obama

In his quest to gain votes from Democrats like Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana for his American Jobs Act that isn’t going to pass anyway, President Obama has deleted the provision that would end tax breaks for oil companies.

Occupy the oil companies!

Mitt Romney on Defense Policy — Ignorance or Dishonesty?

The Republicans are always bellyaching that Democrat plans to cut domestic spending are never real cuts, they are just cuts in the rate of growth.

Now comes Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney, in his foreign and defense policy speech in South Carolina yesterday, declaiming that “As President, on day one, … I will reverse President Obama’s massive defense cuts.”

Except that there haven’t been any defense cuts, massive or otherwise.  There have been reductions in the rate of growth in defense spending, which you would expect as we wind down two wars.  And any Republican will tell you that reductions in growth rates aren’t cuts.

Also, Mitt said he would put pressure on Iran by sending an aircraft carrier task force to the Persian Gulf.  Great idea, Mitt, except that we already have one there.

Mitt is either ignorant or dishonest.  Either way, he shouldn’t be commander in chief.

Mitt Romney’s Incredibly Cheap Shot

In his foreign policy speech today in South Carolina, Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney took a really cheap shot at President Obama:  “If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your President.  You have that President today.”

I hope Mitt stays unemployed.

Sick of This “Class Warfare” Crap? Thank Frank Luntz.

The GOP’s spinning of garden-variety progressive taxation as “class warfare” is nothing new.  Way back in March 2008, before President Obama was elected, back when the Tea Party referred to an 18th century event, evil genius Frank Luntz was accusing him of class warfare on evil moron Sean Hannity’s show on Fox.