Rick Perry — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Politico is up with a story this morning (“Trial lawyers prep for war on Perry” by Alexander Burns) that litigators are revving up their engines (and their big bucks) against Rick Perry.  Perry instituted much-needed tort reform in Texas, and they fear he will do the same nation-wide.

Given the vast number of frivolous law suits we constantly read about and shake our heads over, given that too many of us unfortunately want something for nothing,  we desperately need such tort reform.  This abuse of our legal system costs all of us every day in the form of higher prices for goods and services, since the cost of these suits just gets added on.  This abuse of our legal system makes life a living hell for many individual victims of such suits.  We need rules limiting contingent fees, rules requiring the losing party to pay the other side’s legal fees as they have in Great Britain, and caps on damages.

A thumbs-up as big as Texas to Rick Perry, and an equally big thumbs-down to the trial lawyers.

One comment on “Rick Perry — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. Frivolous lawsuits can and should be controlled and contained by the trial judges in charge. Courts also can, sua sponte, reduce the amount of a runaway jury award.
    It’s the corporate giants who trod over the public helter skelter who I fear.
    Limit damages and you put barbed wire around corporations, moats, like the kings in their castles used to use to keep the riff raff out….oops, I mean their subjects, the American public who so often get screwed by the powerful.

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