Did Cassidy’s Daughter Really Have a Choice?

Bill Cassidy, the staunchly anti-abortion GOP candidate for Senate from Louisiana, has announced that his unmarried 17-year-old daughter will have a baby sometime this summer.

I just hope that this is what she wants, and not what Cassidy and his wife want for her.  Their daughter may well want children five or ten years from now, but not as she begins her senior year in high school.

I know that many abortion opponents argue that some women are unduly pressured into having abortions by their parents or spouses or boyfriends, and that’s a terrible thing.  But I think it’s equally sad if a girl is pressured into not having an abortion, if that’s what she wants.  Meanwhile the boy who shares responsibility seems to be going his merry way.

2 comments on “Did Cassidy’s Daughter Really Have a Choice?

  1. Daddy Bear says:

    If that were my daughter, it would it be HER choice. And the boyfriend? He might still be walking away, but he’d be walking funny and speaking in a really high voice!

    [I know I’m old fashioned, but then, I’m old and can get away with it…]

  2. Sharon Kaye says:

    Daddy Bear I AGREE 100 per cent with you ..including the high voice and walking funny 🙂

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