Kristol’s Still in Love

The Weekly Standard’s smarmy Bill Kristol, who shoulders much of the shame and blame for vaulting Sarah Palin onto the national stage after he met her during his magazine’s Alaskan cruise and fell head over heels, is encouraging Palin to run for Senate.

Really, this guy is one baby step above Anthony Weiner in letting his weiner make decisions for him.

I can’t imagine she will.  Neither the McCain campaign nor the press properly vetted her during the ’08 campaign, but this time around, closets would open and skeletons would come crashing down.

2 comments on “Kristol’s Still in Love

  1. quinersdiner says:

    I just got back from Alaska. By and large, Alaskans like the job she did as governor, but they were upset at her abrupt resignation. I think they viewed it as selling out to cash in on her fame. I’m not sure they want her as a Senator, and not sure if she could win. I disagree on the vetting of Palin. I don’t think anyone has been more scrutinized by the media. I do think, though, you are correct that the McCain camp didn’t do their due diligence.

    • I don’t think she could win, resigning as governor was unforgivable. As her Fox appearances make clear, she’s shown no interest in studying the issues and developing any expertise on domestic or foreign policy. She’s been scrutinized and criticized, but it’s been on superficial, obvious stuff basically from just listening to her and the ignorance she spouts. There’s other stuff that requires actual investigation. She knows she can’t run.

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