Morsi Out, Military In

The military has taken over Egypt again, as they did in the transition between Mubarak’s overthrow and Morsi’s election.  By the time they left, they were extremely unpopular, as Morsi is now.

Morsi is in an “undisclosed location.”  I hope the military is protecting him, since the last thing they want to do is make a martyr of him.

The military has suspended the new constitution and installed  the chief justice of the Egyptian Supreme Court as acting president.  They say “technocrats” will run the government until new elections are held, but obviously they are pulling the strings.

5 comments on “Morsi Out, Military In

  1. momshieb says:

    And the military shut down Al Jazeera and is planning to arrest 300 Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Yay, democracy.
    And the US government is the military’s closest ally and supporter.
    I am sick.

  2. momshieb says:

    And one other thing: when are you moving back this way? And how is the dog?

    • Probably moving back mid to late 2014. The dog with cancer is hanging in there, although both he and the other dog have health issues right now. But the issue right now is my cat (one of three) who has diabetes and lung cancer. He’s starting chemo today. Since April 21st, my life has been one endless vet visit and the accompanying enormous bills.

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