Military Killing Morsi Supporters

The Egyptian military is dealing harshly with pro-Morsi demonstrators, with at least five killed so far and many more wounded.

I’m no fan of the Islamists and would like to see more secular elements in charge (just as I would in our own extremist-filled House of Representatives and state houses!), but they did win an election, and it seems to me the military should deal as gently with them as possible, since protester deaths only create more fury and bitterness.

2 comments on “Military Killing Morsi Supporters

  1. momshieb says:

    I agree, on all counts. I am so conflicted and confused by this situation. “Military takeover” just can’t be good; killing anyone’s supporters can’t be good. Yet my secular, progressive Tunisian friends are very supportive of the military’s actions in Egypt. They have a lot of details about the dangerous and illegal actions taken by Morsi and company.
    I don’t know what to think, except that I wish for peace over there as soon as possible, and I wish for a more secular, representative parliament for Tunisia.

    • On balance, I think your Tunisian friends are right. Morsi had an opportunity to be inclusive and moderate, but he was harsh and intolerant and repressive. Kind of like many of our GOP-controlled states right now when it comes to women.

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