Can Anyone Explain This?

Rand Paul is fighting in the Senate to give full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs.  Yet at the same time, he’s going to filibuster any gun legislation Harry Reid brings to the Senate floor, legislation that might save the lives of, you know, actual already-born children like those killed in Newtown.

Marco Rubio, fearing that he might be out-maneuvered for 2016, just jumped on the filibuster bandwagon with Paul, along with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

5 comments on “Can Anyone Explain This?

  1. quinersdiner says:

    Yes, I’ll explain. One has to do with the 2nd amendment; the other to the 14th. They are separate issues. Human life begins at conception, so these “fertilized eggs” are persons who are simply at a different level in their development, and deserving of 14th amendment protection. Regarding the gun issue, honorable people can disagree on the level of gun control that is appropriate without violating the 2nd amendment. My take is that these laws wouldn’t have kept firearms out of the hands of these recent mass murderers.

    • Blessed Easter to you and your family.
      Honorable people can also disagree about the rights that should be granted to a fertilized egg.
      Adam Lanza was going to do his crime with the guns available to him, which were the weapons his mother got. He was not going to get illegal weapons as a drug dealer or other criminal would. If his mother hadn’t been able to get semi-automatic weapons and big clips, she wouldn’t have gotten illegal stuff either. It’s interesting that Adam Lanza left the 10-round clips at home, as he did non-semi-automatic weapons. Yes, drug dealers and their ilk will get banned weapons, and if they want to kill other drug dealers, I really don’t care. Folks like Adam Lanza won’t. Maybe we couldn’t have stopped Lanza, but we surely could have reduced his carnage. Some of those children would be looking forward to their Easter baskets.

  2. TAO says:

    They care more about getting elected, than actually doing what they were elected to do – serve all the people living not just some people?

  3. momshieb says:

    God this makes me CRAZY……..I absolutely do NOT understand this gun craziness.

  4. danielfee says:

    You have got to be kidding if you think “fertilized eggs” have 14th Amendment protection. Have you read the 14th Amendment lately? It starts as follows, “All persons BORN or naturalized in the United States, …” I read through the entire 14th Amendment could not find one reference to “fertilized eggs.” I am sorry but this is not an honorable disagreement. We have to stop treating crazy as if it is a legitimate opinion.
    My take is that these proposed gun laws “would” have kept firearms out of the hands of these recent mass murderers. But of course this is just an opinion based on no facts, just like Quinersdiner. What we do know is that closing the gun show loophole, which accounts for around 40% of all gun sales, would subject more people to background checks prior to the sale. With more people being checked the odds that criminals and mentally ill will be discovered at the point of sale goes up. How many illegal sales will it prevent, no one can say for sure but there is no doubt it will result in a decrease in illegal sales.
    Here is something to ponder. If 60% of gun sales go through background check right now, why do conservatives and the NRA not want the other 40% to go through the same check? The only logical answer is they want criminals and the mentally ill to be able to obtain guns which would otherwise be prevented. Since law abiding citizens will pass the background check at a gun show, just like they do at a gun dealer’s store, the only people who benefit from the continuation of the loopholes are those to whom it is all ready illegal to sell guns. Since when did the supposed “law and order party” become the “criminal and mental party”?

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