Never-Ending GOP Delusion and Denial

The nut job who founded, Dean Chambers, hasn’t given up and isn’t going away.  He now claims that President Obama won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida (a total of 80 electoral votes) through voter fraud, so Mitt really won.

If you want a good laugh (or cry) check out his new site, Barack O’Fraudo.

One comment on “Never-Ending GOP Delusion and Denial

  1. TAO says:

    I couldn’t even stand reading one post…

    When are they going to realize that the GOP dug themselves into such a deep pit of utter stupidity, and complete lack of trust in anything that Mitt said wouldn’t change to the opposite tomorrow – that people wouldn’t want to vote for them.

    I give the website a “FFS”…crawl back into the hole the GOP dug…

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