George Romney Saw This Coming

From George Romney’s letter of December 21, 1964, to Barry Goldwater:

“We need only look at the experience of some ideologically oriented parties in Europe to realize that chaos can result.  Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation, lead to governmental crises and deadlock, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress.   A broad based two party structure produces a degree of political stability and viability not otherwise attainable.”

Andrew Sullivan has the entire letter up at The Daily Beast.


3 comments on “George Romney Saw This Coming

  1. danielfee says:

    But I am sure he didn’t think his son would be the leader and nominee of that extreme ideological party.

  2. Harris Jordan says:

    Obviously Willard never read his father’s words. He just took his father’s money. Let’s see. Romney married Ann when he was about 21.
    He probably hadn’t graduated from college yet. This was right after he came back from proselytizing the French. So instead of fighting in Vietnam without a known physical deferment, he just started making little Romneys.

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