Ryan’s “Factual Shortcuts”

From “Departure From Usual:  Traditional Media Call Out Ryan For Factually Dubious Speech,” Sahil Kapur, Talking Points Memo:

“But the Wisconsin congressman’s speech strained facts on multiple occasions.  And that has rankled more than just the usual suspects.  Several mainstream outlets that have praised him in the past pointedly went after his misleading portrayals of critical issues at stake in this election.

“The Associated Press took on Ryan’s misleading assertions in an article headlined,’FACT CHECK:  Ryan takes factual shortcuts in speech,’ which included a point-by-point refutation of various claims he made.

“The AP article took on his claims about Medicare, the stimulus package, an auto plant in his home state and the Bowles-Simpson fiscal commission, among others.

“Other takedowns of the House budget chief’s claims were published in CNN and ABC News.

“The pushback could damage Ryan’s reputation for sincerity among members of the media establishment, which has been key to his identity as a reformer.  It might also escalate tensions with reporters who are already pressing the Romney campaign for its inaccurate attacks on Obama’s welfare policy, and his remarks about entrepreneurship, that the GOP has taken out of context.”

I think the fact that Mitt has gotten away with the untrue welfare and “You didn’t build that” stuff emboldened his campaign to have Ryan keep the whoppers coming.  I was taken aback by all the flat-out lies in his speech.  

There’s garden-variety spinning, and then there’s jaw-dropping shameful.  Ryan was the latter.

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