Quote of the Day

“When Romney sends his top surrogate out to go off about President Obama smoking dope I think that means they haven’t figured out how to deal with the taxes issue yet.”

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

8 comments on “Quote of the Day

  1. I think you’re right. The thing that’s nearly impossible for me to tell is what impact this is happening. Our news is so divided that it’s hard for me to no what effect, if any, this is having on moderates — the only folks that matter.

    BTW, how’s the book going?!

    • I think moderates/independents are losing confidence in Mitt. It’s one thing to have the liberals going after him, but to have the National Review basically ordering him to release his tax returns is something else entirely. His own party is really disgusted with him.
      I finished your book on Sat. and liked it very much. You are a wonderful story teller, and the book was extremely well plotted and paced. It flowed beautifully, but I’m sure there was a ton of effort and struggle to achieve the smooth finished product.
      As for my book, I haven’t gone back to it yet. Dealing with sick pets and other distractions like having my eyelids swollen almost shut from an allergic reaction, but I will soon.

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