Newt v. Newt

Newt Gingrich is now driven purely by hatred of Mitt Romney for hitting back hard and successfully against him with negative ads in Iowa.  Mitt reversed Newt’s sudden and swift rise.

On December 1, Newt bragged that he would be the nominee, and he certainly had the wind at his back.  He was the most potent threat Mitt had faced.

Intellectually, Newt knows that the best hope, the only hope, for stopping Mitt is to narrow the field.  He and the two Ricks drain votes from Mitt without any of them being able to pass Mitt head-to-head.

But emotionally, Newt can’t and won’t get out of the race.  That enormous Newtie ego won’t let him.  Newt’s ego is Mitt’s friend.

Newt is helping Mitt both with his Bain attacks (which have the GOP establishment and the anti-establishment rushing to Mitt’s defense) and simply by stubbornly staying in despite poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I don’t know that Newt and Perry can stop Mitt by throwing their support to Santorum.  It’s late, Santorum lacks money and organization, and has his own baggage.  I do know that Newt and Perry can’t stop Mitt by remaining in the race.  They are in effect donating their time to the Romney campaign.

One comment on “Newt v. Newt

  1. On SNL there was great dissing of Willard but I realize this audience is not the SC electorate. I’m still hoping for a miracle that will topple this windbag empty suit. Maybe his hair will fall out in his sleep. He’s such a scumbag and everyone know it. What’s wrong with people?

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