A Little Newt and Mitt Inside Baseball

When Mitt ran his millions of Super PAC ads in Iowa, he thought he could do so with impunity because Newt didn’t have the money to fight back.  And Newt didn’t fight back in Iowa and lost badly.

There were rumors that Sheldon Adelson, Vegas billionaire and friend of Newt, was going to give $20 million to Newt’s Super PAC to go after Romney.  Then there were stories that someone connected to Romney who was also a friend of Adelson called him and was assured that wasn’t going to happen, that Adelson wasn’t giving anything, let alone $20 million.

Mittens breathed a sigh of relief.

But then Newtie prevailed on Adelson to give his Super PAC $5 million (and maybe more to come) to run ads in South Carolina going after Mitt’s “Vulture days” at Bain Capital.

Newt has said he got “Romney-boated” in Iowa.  Now Mitt is about to get “Newt-boated” in South Carolina.

Which makes it look more like smooth sailing for Obama.

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