Forget Obama, Newt’s Going After Krauthammer

I know that Newt Gingrich doesn’t care about or play by the rules, but, in going after Fox News political commentator and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer in an email*, the Super PAC supporting his campaign, Winning Our Future, is breaking a major one — Never Attack Down.

Presidential candidates are supposed to go after other presidential candidates who are doing as well as or better than they are, but not pundits.  The email about Krauthammer is very nasty and condescending, referring to him not as the conservative he now is, but as “the long time former speechwriter for ultra liberal Walter Mondale” and “the man who was calling Barack Obama elegant.”

In response to Krauthammer’s on air comment that Gingrich “is really in decline now,” the email says “I think what is in decline now is the respect Krauthammer once had among conservatives.”

How does Newt explain Krauthammer’s hostility?  Jealousy, plain and simple.  The email calls Krauthammer “a bit jealous of Newts intellect — supported by the fact that Newt was way ahead of the good Doctor on everything from Ronald Reagan to Sarah Palin to the tea party movement.”  Emphasis added.

The email just adds to Newt’s growing whiny, cry baby image.  It makes him look petty, not presidential.  Enemies’ List, anyone?

*”Krauthammer Continues Establishment War Against Newt.”

2 comments on “Forget Obama, Newt’s Going After Krauthammer

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    Love it when they start to eat their own!

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