Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas

I thought it was odd back in May, when Herman Cain told Byron York in an interview for The Washington Examiner, that he was ready for a “high-tech lynching.”

It made no sense to me that Cain would want to associate himself with Clarence Thomas in that way.  But now it’s clear that Cain knew allegations of sexual harassment would eventually come out, as they have today on Politico.  So he was trying to inoculate himself.

We’ll see if the white guilt strategy works as well for him as it did for Thomas.  It’s such an insult to all the African-Americans who were murdered in low-tech lynchings.

One comment on “Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas

  1. Come to think of it, weren’t Cain and Thomas identical twins separated at birth by white racist doctors who feared that they would lead the American civil rights movement into the 21st century?
    Not so much.

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