Occupy Wall Street Picks Up the Tea Party’s Dropped Mantle

The Tea Party started with outrage about the bailouts.  That outrage had three ways to go:  blame the government for doing the bailouts, blame Wall Street for receiving the bailouts, or blame both.

The GOP skillfully channeled Tea Party anger into anti-government sentiment.  They dangled shiny objects before the Tea Partiers, things like the debt ceiling and the EPA, which had nothing to do with our economic collapse, but successfully distracted the dumb asses with tea bags stapled to their tri-corner hats.   The Koch Brothers and Dick Armey and Fox News successfully led the Tea Partiers into the anti-government sheep pen, closed the gate, and breathed a sigh of relief.  They almost figured it out!  Almost…

Now comes Occupy Wall Street to remind us that hey, we forgot to punish the bankers who stuck us with their gambling debts and blithely went back to the roulette wheel with a fresh pile of chips.

Occupy Wall Street is what the Tea Party could have been and should have been.  I hope they keep their eye on the ball and away from shiny objects and that they successfully evade the sheep pen.

I hope they tell Wall Street, “Rien ne va plus.”

One comment on “Occupy Wall Street Picks Up the Tea Party’s Dropped Mantle

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    The Occupy Wall Street protest is for real and not going away.

    It took the American colonists longer to revolt against British sovereignty for many reasons among which were comparitively primitive communications compared to today’s instantaneous audio visual graphic reality. Just look at the Arab Spring.

    Further, the delay in the fomenting of their discontent is attributable to the far less educated average citizen, or rather average colonist of the day.

    Most importantly however, today’s highly evolved “American Dream”, the birth of which was not yet evident then, is a household concept today, and seems to the protestors, to the 99%, unobtainable under current economic and political conditions.

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