The Last Comparison Rick Perry Wants

Brent Budowsky over at The Hill has quite a provocative headline up: “Rick Perry = Rod Blagojevich.”

But his story goes beyond that headline to argue that Rick Perry>Rod Blagojevich, asserting that Perry makes Blagojevich “look like an amateur” when it comes to pay-for-play fundraising.

He claims, “I hear national reporters are all over Texas right now” to expose campaign contributions from companies that got state funds and individuals who got state jobs.

I assume Karl Rove is delighted to take those reporters to the rock pile and watch as they turn them over.

So will it be White House or Big House?  Don’t mess with Texas, but especially don’t mess with Rove.

One comment on “The Last Comparison Rick Perry Wants

  1. Perry is such a snake oil salesman, it’s disturbing to me how he could pull the wool over so many sheep’s eyes in the first place. But wait, sheep are illegal in the cattle state of Texas anyway?
    He will go to jail not the whitehouse because he’s calling attention to himself and those non morons outside of Texas won’t put up with his little fiefdom style of government.

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