Post-Election, Mitt Reverts to Guy in 47% Tape

Moderate Mitt from the debates is gone.  Now that he’s lost, Mitt has returned to the persona he’s most comfortable with — the one we all saw secretly recorded at the Boca Raton fundraiser where he railed against the 47%.  That’s really who he is, and that’s really how he feels about his country.

Mitt had a conference call today with hundreds of his donors and fundraisers.  One of them let the NYT listen in!

Rather than criticize himself, his campaign, and/or his party for their loss, Mitt blamed it on Obama giving “free stuff” to young people, African Americans, and Hispanics.

I’m no longer young, and I’m white.  I voted for Obama because I thought his policies were fairer and truer to who we are as a people, not because I was getting free stuff.

If I had just wanted to vote my own economic interest, I would have voted for Mitt.