O Up by Five

The latest NBC/WSJ poll of likely voters has President Obama leading Mitt, 50 to 45%.

The same poll shows that 39% of registered voters think the country is on the right track.  I know that doesn’t sound great, but it’s the highest that number has been in three years.  55% say the country is on the wrong track.

42% of registered voters say the economy will improve in the next year, 15% more than thought so in July.

The numbers reinforce that the GOP nominated the wrong guy.  The economic questions show a dissatisfaction with Obama that the GOP could have cashed in on, but the head-to-head numbers show an even greater dissatisfaction with the prospect of Mitt.

Voters to GOP — we’re not thrilled with Obama, but we really can’t stand your pathetic excuse for a candidate.

Right Track/Wrong Track/More Wrong Track

My husband, who will vote for Mitt, keeps reminding me that back in 2008, I kept telling him to ignore head-to-head polls, favorables/unfavorables, and anything except right track/wrong track stats.  By that measure, President Obama is currently not doing well, with wrong track voters at about 61%, and right track voters at only about 32%.

But I think voters also realize that just because they think the country is on the wrong track doesn’t mean they should vote for Mitt.  I’m convinced they recognize that in addition to the right track and the wrong track, there is a “more wrong” track, and that is where the Mitt express would take us.

It’s the track that Europe’s on right now, and the GOP is all for the sort of drastic austerity that would take us further away from the right track.