In Ohio, None of the Above

From “For President and Romney, Ohio Hurdles,” Sabrina Tavernise and Jeff Zeleny, NYT:

“The battle for Ohio is on, but for many voters here choosing between President Obama and Mitt Romney is like trying decide between liver and brussels sprouts — a selection they would rather not have to make.

“But putting together a winning strategy in Ohio will be a mighty challenge for both men, given that more than half of the state’s electorate…is white and working class, a group that both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney have had a particularly hard time connecting with.

“Many have not felt the effects of the modest recovery that has lifted the economy here in recent months, leaving them unenthusiastic about the president.  At the same time, Mr. Romney is seen as awkward, unsympathetic and distant, a fundamentally uninspiring alternative.”

I predict President Obama will win Ohio again, maybe not by the four percent he did last time, but a .4 margin would still give him those 18 electoral votes.  I think the unpopularity of Gov. Kasich, an arrogant, obnoxious over-reacher, helps the President and hurts Mitt by association.

I’m glad the author referenced liver and brussels sprouts to capture the unappealing choice.  After the Supreme Court arguments on Obamacare, we really need to give the broccoli growers a break.