Newt Runs Out of ($2.50) Gas

With his campaign in the red, and his superPAC having run through Sheldon Adelson’s $16.5 million, Newt has fired his campaign manager, Michael Krull, and a third of his full-time staff.  He’s making Vince Haley campaign manager.  Haley was already both deputy campaign manager and a policy adviser, so kind of a two-fer.

Newt is also scaling back his travel to the remaining primary states.  He says he’ll get his message out through social media, videos, and the Internet.

Kind of like that other scary giant head, the Wizard of Oz.  But we already know what’s behind this curtain.

Will Sandra Fluke Be Toto?

When I was a senior adviser to a GOP presidential candidate in 2008, I witnessed first hand how all the candidates lived in fear of offending Rush Limbaugh.  If one of them did, he then had to beg to go on Rush’s show so he could kiss both his ring and his big tush.

I believed then that one day some Toto would come along and pull back the curtain on this pernicious demagogue.

I am hoping that Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student whom Rush outrageously insulted by calling her a slut and telling her to post sex videos online so that he can watch them, will be that Toto, and that Rush’s time as the GOP’s biggest bully is running out.

GOP politicians, do yourselves and your party and this country a favor —  when Rush demands your lunch money, just say no.