Good Luck With That

In today’s department of “Ain’t Gonna Happen,” Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning has requested a presidential pardon.  The request is either for a commutation of his/her 35-year sentence to time served or an outright pardon.

Perhaps try again in 2017 with President Rand Paul…

Snowden Flees Hong Kong, in Moscow

NSA leaker Edward Snowden, having been charged with espionage by the U. S., has left Hong Kong for Moscow with the help of WikiLeaks.  Moscow apparently is a stopover on the way to his next destination.  Some reports say he is going to Ecuador, others say Venezuela via Cuba, while Iceland is also still in the mix.

He faces 30 years in prison (and perhaps more, if counts are added to the existing indictment) if he is extradicted back to the U. S.  He does not face the death penalty.

Perhaps we could offer Putin championship rings from the NBA, NHL, and MLB in exchange for Snowden.

Ecuador has confirmed a request for asylum.