Rich People Can Be Really Stupid

Marin County, California is one of the country’s wealthiest counties.  It also has one of the lowest rates of childhood vaccinations.

Which is probably why it has the second highest rate of whooping cough (a disease which should no longer exist in the U. S.) in California.  Ten babies died of whooping cough in California in 2010.

But these same people have no qualms about stuffing their kids full of ADHD drugs, because no one in this county can accept that their kid isn’t just average in school.  Lake Wobegon on the Pacific.

Between the crazy bible people and the crazy new age people, this country is going to hell.

More Stupid from The Donald

Donald Trump is now coming out against childhood vaccinations, joining the parade of morons who think vaccinations cause autism.  At least his birtherism didn’t really hurt anybody.

While vaccinations don’t cause autism, parents’ growing failure to get their children immunized is definitely causing outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, diseases which shouldn’t even exist in this country.

All part of the terrifying turn against science in favor of superstition and quackery.

Thanks, Morons

Thank you to the morons who don’t get their children vaccinated for making this the worst year for whooping cough in the U. S. since 1955.

Since you all seem to think life is better without these vaccines, why don’t you go live in the third world and let the rest of us — and our children — enjoys the benefits of twenty-first century life?

Dumb and Dumber

There shouldn’t be one single case of whooping cough in this country.  But Washington State, with almost 1300 cases so far this year, has declared an epidemic.  It’s like the 1940’s there!

You have the dumb parents who don’t get their children immunized.

You have the dumber state politicians who have made huge cuts in local and state public health programs.  God forbid we should tax higher-income people to fund our health programs, no, let’s just slash these crucial services instead.

With a President Romney and a Paul Ryan budget, every state will be Washington State.