Whistle-Blower Revealed

We know now that the FBI whistle-blower in the Petraeus case is a friend of Jill Kelley, whom she contacted about the disturbing emails she received from Paula Broadwell.

He became “obsessed” with the case and was barred from any involvement with it, although he was not directly involved in the investigation, which had been turned over to cyber crimes.  Worried that nothing would come of the investigation, he went to GOP Congressman David Reichert, who went to Eric Cantor.
The whistle-blower himself has been investigated for sending shirtless pictures of himself to Jill Kelley at some point before the Petraeus investigation.





Did Mitt Know But Not Obama?

It seems as if but for the FBI whistle-blower who went to GOP Congressman Dave Reichert, who in turn went to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, David Petraeus might still be Director of the CIA.

The story raises questions not just of who knew what when, but who didnt know and who should have known, of why choices were made to tell certain people, but not others.

Why did Reichert go to Cantor and not Speaker of the House John Boehner?  Why didn’t Cantor go to his boss Boehner and/or the intelligence committee?

Cantor says that he didn’t tell anyone other than FBI Director Mueller.  Of course, Mueller already knew, but now he had to deal with the fact that the super-ambitious Cantor — who wishes neither Boehner nor Obama well — also knew and could speak publicly at any time.

But did Cantor tell anyone at Mitt’s campaign?  Could it be that Mitt knew before Obama did?  And given that Eric Holder knew last summer, is it possible that no one at the White House knew?  Did the knowledge go up from Mueller to Holder and stop there?

GOP officials and conservative media have been questioning the timing of the release right after the election and right before Petraeus was to testify to Congress about Benghazi.

Release before the election wouldn’t have helped Mitt, it would have just taken more attention away from Mitt’s campaign.  Petraeus was popular among Republicans, so a scandal involving him wouldn’t have tainted Obama, the way a scandal involving a more equivocal figure, say Eric Holder, would have.

As for Benghazi, there’s no reason Petraeus can’t still testify, and I expect he will, just not this week.

The story also raises questions of when a whistle-blower is truly a whistle-blower and when he or she is just being insubordinate and “going rogue” by refusing to accept a superior’s reasonable judgment.   I’m not sure that this person uncovered any corruption or criminal activity that justified going outside normal channels to Cantor.

I think the FBI had concluded that Petraeus hadn’t breached national security and hadn’t committed any crime, so they were going to leave him alone.  Enter the whistle-blower and Eric Cantor.

Did GOP Force Out Petraeus?

Still a lot more questions than answers on the Petraeus “affair” in both the personal and political sense, but it looks as if he may have been forced out because of the GOP.  That’s interesting because the GOP claims that the timing of his resignation is suspicious, given the Benghazi hearing later this week.

They can’t both instigate his resignation and accuse the Administration of trying to keep him from testifying.  Well, of course, they can, since they’re the GOP, and this is how they roll, with no concern for coherence, but we saw how much good such tactics did Mitt.

As for the GOP being behind his firing, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office admits that Cantor learned about the FBI investigation that had ensnared Petraeus from GOP Congressman Dave Reichert of Washington.  An FBI whistle-blower had contacted Reichert.  The whistle-blower then talked to Cantor, who got him directly to FBI Director Robert Mueller.

I’m inferring that the FBI investigation had uncovered the affair between Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, but no security breach or criminal activity involving Petraeus, and so was not going to notify the CIA or Congress or the White House.  It sounds as if the whistle-blower disagreed with this result and, bucking his superiors, went to Congress himself.  Once Reichert and Cantor got involved, Mueller couldn’t let it lie, setting off the chain of events that led to Petraeus’ resignation.

So the GOP claim that Obama wanted to make Petraeus go away because of Benghazi is BS.  And I believe Petraeus will end up testifying anyway, just not this Thursday.