Have/Have Not = Alive/Dead

If you live in the Washington, DC suburb of Fairfax, Virginia, home to lawyers and lobbyists, you can expect to live to be 82 if you’re a man and 85 if you’re a woman.*

But if you live 350 miles away, in McDowell County, West Virginia,  where people shovel coal, not bullshit, for a living, you can expect to live to be 64 if you’re a man and 73 if you’re a woman.  That’s about what life expectancy is in Iraq!

Rich people don’t just have more stuff, they get to enjoy it far longer.

* “Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap,” Annie Lowrey, NYT

Too Stupid to Live

West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese is campaigning against anti-smoking laws.  He claims that his having to put No Smoking signs up in his buildings is just like Hitler making Jews wear Stars of David:

“Remember, Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody’s lapel, remember that?  Same thing.”

In this guy’s defense, it is West Virginia, so I assume his parents are also siblings.

Pre-emptive strike on Right Wingers leaving “shocked, shocked” comments — your guy Dick Cheney made a West Virginia incest joke back in 2008.