Americans Want Out of Afghanistan

A new Associated Press poll shows that only 27% now support the war in Afghanistan.  Among Democrats, support is only 19%.  Among Republicans, it is down to 37%, a warning to Mitt, who has criticized President Obama’s plans for getting our troops out and taken an increasingly unpopular position to Obama’s right.

64% approve of President Obama’s handling of the terror threat.

The Lies of Mitt Romney, Continued

Mitt is falsely and bizarrely attacking President Obama for a policy of “appeasement and apology.”

Whom are we appeasing?  What Hitler is out there gobbling up territory while we sit by?

To whom has the President apologized?  For what?  Was our apology accepted?

If the President were perceived as weak, other countries would be messing with us, like China and Russia and North Korea.  No provocations are taking place.

Iran threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz, the President said that was a red line they shouldn’t cross, and the Straits of Hormuz remained open, as they will, by force if necessary.

The President is having DoD make our Massive Ordnance Penetrator, our “bunker-buster” bomb, even more powerful so that it can go deeper before exploding.  The only reason to do this is in preparation for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The President is aggressively fighting the war on terror.  Besides Bin Laden, he has gotten many other top Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders.  He’s doing many more drone strikes than Bush did, not just in Pakistan, but in Yemen and Somalia.

I feel much safer with Obama as Commander in Chief than I would with the timid Mitt.


The Futility of Afghanistan

According to the Times of London, a highly classified report that our military prepared for top NATO officials concludes that the Taliban will take control of Afghanistan after we leave.

The report also confirms the strong ties between the Taliban and Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI.

Why stay in this tunnel until the end of 2014 when there’s no light at the end?  We should focus on using special forces and drones to go after Islamic terrorists and accept that the Afghans are going to continue to live in the 7th century.

Obama’s Lonely Bin Laden Decision

I have expressed my concern that Mitt lacks the guts and temperament to make tough decisions, such as the one to do the bin Laden raid.

Joe Biden now says that he advised the President “don’t go” on bin Laden and that when the President asked everyone on his national security staff (Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, National Security Adviser, etc.) what he should do, only Leon Panetta (then head of the CIA) said he should go.

With so many top advisers expressing doubts, it would have been easy for the President to take their advice and not do the raid.  It took guts for him to overlook all the reservations his trusted, experienced senior people were expressing.

I think if Mitt had been in that room, he would have hidden behind the qualms of the others and made a “business” decision to forego the raid.  I see him as operating more by consensus than by boldness, as basically risk averse and more interested in avoiding downsides than aggressively pursuing upsides.

We the people don’t get to make these decisions, we delegate them to our Commander in Chief.  President Obama has my proxy.

A Victory in the War on Terror

Americans reading that Pakistan has normalized trade relations with India may think this is irrelevant to their lives, but actually it helps lessen the risk of another terror attack here.  Any lessening of tensions between India and Pakistan moves Pakistan further along the path of realizing that its number one threat is Islamic terror, not Hindu India.

Pakistan harbors and supports terrorists to use as proxies in its conflict with India.  The more that tension is eased, the less reason Pakistan has to back the terrorists who are fighting us in Afghanistan and plotting to strike us here.

Trade negotiations don’t get the headlines and attention of drone strikes, but this news is a victory for the U. S.  in the War on Terror.


Clarifying Our Goals in Afghanistan

Today’s NYT story “U. S. Seeks Aid from Pakistan in Peace Effort” says that Pakistani leaders “are confused by a lack of clarity in the administration’s long-term goals in Afghanistan.”

Our long-term goals are to get our troops the heck out of there and let the Afghanis go back to enjoying the seventh century.  The British learned they couldn’t bring Afghanistan into the nineteenth century, the Russians learned they couldn’t bring it into the twentieth century, and we have learned that we can’t bring it into the twenty-first.

We really have no interest in Afghanistan qua Afghanistan.  We just need to use a little bit of their territory so our drones and special forces can attack terrorists in Pakistan.

I hope that’s clear now.  You’re welcome, Pakistan.

If Pakistan Won’t Listen to Us, Will They Listen to China?

Our pitch to Pakistan that the internal threat from Islamic extremists is their biggest threat, not India, has long fallen on deaf ears.  They remain obsessed with India even as terrorists the Pakistanis have encouraged and aided turned against their masters and conducted operations within Pakistan itself, not just as they were supposed to in Kashmir, India, and Afghanistan.

As relations between the U. S. and Pakistan have grown contentious, Pakistan has turned more and more to China. But now the Chinese are warning about the terrorist threat within Pakistan.  China has just cancelled a $19 billion deal in coal, power, and chemicals, because, as the Wall Street Journal reports, of concerns for the safety of their workers.  So Pakistan’s willful blindness to the threat everyone else sees is costing them their largest foreign investment ever.


Our “Ally” Pakistan — You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, has warned the Obama Administration that “You will lose an ally,” if it continues accusing the Pakistanis of supporting the Haqqani terrorist group.  Finally, finally, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen, said last week that the Haqqani network is a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI.

How can we lose an ally we don’t have?  Pakistan is our enemy.  No one says it outright, but really we are at war with Pakistan and have been for a long time.  We, of course, want to wipe out the terrorists, they believe they need them to protect themselves from India.

Pakistan is not just passively harboring terrorists, it is actively helping them kill our soldiers in Afghanistan.

We have to stop waiting around for the Pakistanis to go after the Haqqanis.  Giving them more aid won’t do it.  Taking away their aid won’t do it.  Ain’t gonna happen.  We have to go after the Haqqanis ourselves with drones and special forces, just as we had to get Osama bin Laden ourselves because the Pakistanis would have protected him till he died of natural causes.

What’s the difference between North Korea and Pakistan?  No American soldiers will die today because of North Korea, and we haven’t given North Korea $20 billion in aid.