In the “That Ship Has Sailed” Department

A story on Politico about Wall Street taking on Elizabeth Warren in her run for Scott Brown’s Senate seat states that the banking lobbyists are “concerned about protecting their image.”  I imagine them pathetically, yet zealously clinging to those shreds and tatters.

Rick Perry in a Nutshell

So this (from Gail Collins’ profile of Rick Perry in today’s NYT) tells you everything you need to know about Perry:  When he was running for Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, his platform was to get rid of a rule imposed by the Democratic incumbent that made farmers remove their workers from the fields prior to spraying pesticides on them.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.  If Perry becomes president, Wall Street and big business will be the farmers, and we’ll be the workers getting sprayed with toxic stuff.  Don’t spray me, Bro!