The War of the Waiting Periods

As states now seek to increase waiting periods for abortions from 24 hours to 72 hours, I was thinking today that the people who are demanding these restrictions are the exact same people who oppose any waiting periods for gun purchases.  God forbid, that someone who wants a gun shouldn’t be able to get one immediately.

I believe a 72-hour waiting period for an abortion is unconstitutional.  In many parts of the country, especially in the south and the mid-west, there aren’t many abortion providers, so women have to travel far from their homes.  These waiting periods mean long trips back and forth; missing work; arranging child care; extra expenses for motels, buses, gas.

If  a woman isn’t absolutely sure she wants to terminate a pregnancy, she waits and reflects until she is certain one way or the other about this most personal of decisions.  Once a woman makes an appointment for the procedure, she’s sure, her decision should be respected, and she shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

Utah Escalates Its War on Women

Utah has just enacted a 72-hour waiting period for those seeking abortions.  It previously had a 24-hour waiting period.

They seem to believe that women  just show up for abortions on a whim without giving it any thought!  So they want to impose a “time out,” as if women were toddlers.

Gloria Steinem was so right — if men got pregnant, abortion wouldn’t be a right, it would be a sacrament.