States’ Rights Are Back with a Vengeance

We think of the federal government as having gobbled up and pre-empted so much power at the expense of the state, but right now, when you look at abortion rights, voting rights, and gay marriage, the states are very much in control of whether or not we get to exercise our constitutional rights.  If you live in a GOP-controlled state, fuhgeddaboudit.

Karl Rove Really Needs To Be Committed

Rove went on Fox News to say that Obama “succeeded by suppressing the vote.”

Yes, that explains all the GOP-driven Voter ID laws, decreased early voting, and excruciatingly long lines in heavily Dem/minority areas.  The people who waited in line six or seven hours weren’t rich white guys voting for Romney.  I will be forever grateful to those who stuck it out despite Karl’s best efforts to stick it to them.

Why Mitt Was Campaigning in Pennsylvania

Poll workers in PA are allowed to ask for Voter ID, but it is not required to vote.  Talking Points Memo reports on how well this ridiculous policy is working out:

“Voting and civil rights activists said Tuesday that Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law was causing mass confusion across the state as people tried to go to the polls.

“Because of a judge’s ruling in October, the law attempted to walk a line by allowing poll workers to ask voters for photo identification while also giving voters a big loophole to cast a regular ballot without it.

“The Election Protection’s coalition voter hotline here began lighting up with complaints soon after polls opened. Some voters said they were upset about being asked for photo identification. Others said they had been turned away because they did not provide it.

“’We’ve definitely gotten reports about voters being turned away,’ Eric Marshall, co-director of the Election Protection coalition, told TPM. ‘We’ve had reports of people who have shown up, been asked, and when they didn’t show ID they were turned away.’”

I’m guessing these people who were turned away are not rich white people.

Quote of the Day 2

“What’s really a crime is that every GOP strategist knows this. It’s just a ploy to keep supporters paranoid and ignorant and key Democratic constituencies deprived of their voting rights.”

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, reacting to senior McCain strategist Steve Schmidt’s frank admission that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

It’s not exactly challenging for the GOP to keep their people paranoid and ignorant.

Obama Up in PA

The new Philadelphia Inquirer Poll among likely voters (more accurate than registered voters) shows President Obama up over Mitt in Pennsylvania, 51 to 42.

Of course, we don’t know how bad the voter suppression will be in PA with the new Voter ID law, expected to (and intended to!) stop voters more likely to support Obama.

Preventing Another 2000 in Florida

I had posted about Florida Governor Rick Scott seeking to suppress Democratic votes by removing voters from the rolls under the guise that they are not American citizens, even though they are.  Now the Justice Department is ordering Florida to stop because they are violating the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act.  It looks as if Scott will not get away with this crap.

Also, a federal judge blocked a Florida law, another Rick Scott special, that makes it more difficult to register voters (also intended to suppress Democratic votes), to the point that the League of Women Voters cancelled their voter registration drives, so even registration experts felt the law was too onerous.  The judge said the law is “not well crafted” and “virtually unintelligible.”

So Florida should be getting some relief from outrageous GOP attempts both to stop new voters from registering and to keep existing voters from actually exercising that right.  They know Mitt can’t win the White House without winning Florida, and they’re doing everything they can think of to help their guy, these hypocrites who claim to love the Constitution so much.