The Great Mitt-dini Escapes Agains (or Tries to)

OK, so Mitt isn’t responsible for the bad stuff that happened at Bain between 1999 and 2002 because he was off being in charge of the Olympics and then he “retroactively retired.”

So then I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer our questions about all the records from those Olympics.

Um, wait, no, he can’t answer those questions because he wasn’t there!  WTF?  According to his campaign, he left to run for governor of Massachusetts before they made the final decisions about the Olympic records.

Seriously, this is what his campaign is saying.  Can’t take the heat about Bain because he was at the Olympics, can’t take the heat about the Olympics because he was back in Massachusetts.

But those Olympic records were in good hands when Mitt left.  He had a Bain guy, Fraser Bullock, deal with them.

What happened to the records?  Many of them were destroyed.  The rest are at the J. Willard Marriott library at the University of Utah.  But before you head over to the campus, let me warn you that — yeah, you guessed it — you can’t see those records.  J. Willard has them sealed up nice and tight for Willard M.

This guy is just one giant red flag, practically screaming out, “Don’t trust me, don’t vote for me.”