Prez Picks His Battles

U. N. Ambassador Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration to replace Hillary as Secretary of State.  Grumpy old man John McCain effectively told Rice to get off his lawn.

So that means John Kerry.  So that means Scott Brown, the empty Barn Jacket, back in the Senate from MA.

What GOP Is He Talking About?

David Brooks* is all ecstatic about the New GOP:

“Over the past month, the Republican Party has changed far more than I expected. … There has been an epidemic of open-mindedness as Republicans try to win minority votes and create a version of their party that can be competitive in states like Connecticut and California.”  Emphasis added.

An epidemic of open-mindedness?  Does he mean like all the GOP Senators who irrationally voted to kill the U. N treaty on the disabled?  Looks like the same group of unrepentant crazies to me.

* “The Republican Glasnost,” NYT


They Don’t Get a Vote

Ninety-seven GOP House members have written to President Obama opposing his possible choice of U. N. Ambassador Susan Rice to be the next Secretary of State because of Benghazi and her now-infamous talking points.  Only the Senate gets to vote on the nomination, and so far only John McCain and Lindsey “Butters” Graham have said they would filibuster a Rice nomination.

Having chosen Sarah Palin as his Veep, I think Johnny Mac is forever barred from calling anyone “unqualified.”  He obviously didn’t recognize “unqualified” when it showed up at his ranch winking at him and flashing a little cleavage.

Another Tea Party Weirdo

Ted Cruz, who won yesterday’s runoff to be Texas’ GOP Senate nominee, isn’t just a Tea Party guy, he’s also a weirdo.  Maybe that’s redundant.  Anyway, he’s one of those crazies who sees the U. N. under every bed, ready to take our freedom.  From “For God, Texas And Golf,” Gail Collins, NYT:

“Texas Republicans have just nominated a Senate candidate who is promising to protect America’s golf courses from the United Nations.

“In a blog posting early this year, Cruz vowed that as senator he would fight against ‘a dangerous United Nations plan’ on environmental sustainability that he said was aimed at abolishing ‘gold courses, grazing pastures and paved roads.’

“[T[he thing Cruz was talking about is actually a vague, non-binding resolution that’s more than 20 years old.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the next senator from the great state of Texas, Ted Cruz, the putz who will protect your putts.

Something Else President Obama Won’t Get Credit For

The Palestinian effort to become a member of the United Nations threatened to embarrass both the United States and Israel because it looked as if the Obama Administration would have to use its veto at the Security Council.

Now it appears that President Obama is successfully defusing the situation, and we won’t have to use our veto and look like imperialist bullies throwing our weight around.  We have been working to keep the Palestinians from getting nine votes in the Security Council by convincing other countries to abstain rather than vote yes.   France is the latest to agree to abstain.

Another quiet success for President Obama.  Something the Republicans vigorously support, but won’t give him any credit for.